Hi, my name's Alexis, I am a games' programmer and designer based in the UK. I graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor's in Computer Science and Physics in 2019. Currently, I am pursuing a Master's Degree in Games Design at the National Film and Television School.


I've worked on games both in my spare time and as part of my coursework for 4 years and I'm excited to start working professionally in the coming year. Notable projects include: Gravity Commando, Lonely Frontier and Sunday Roast.​

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Unity Engine

Since 2017

I started making games in Unity as a student at university in my spare time. Later, I specialized and have made over 10 games ranging from Game Jam games to fully designed indie projects. Projects include: Gravity CommandoSunday Roast and Lonely Frontier.

White Boxing in Maya

Since 2020

I learned the basics of Maya as part of my Master's Degree at the NFTS. I feel comfortable modelling, clean usable meshes for white boxing purposes. Currently, I am using this software to design and model levels for my graduation project: Gravity Commando.


Since 2016

I first learned to program at university in 2016 as part of my Computer Science bachelor's degree. I've coded projects of various scopes in: C, C#, C++, Python and JavaScript.

Since I've applied this knowledge to Games Programming and have tackled complex tasks including convex mesh cutting, ray tracing engines and FPS AI systems.


As a French/British dual national, I have work permission in both the UK and the EU. Furthermore, I am fluent in both languages and happy to work in either.